Mass recruitment

The critical issue in mass recruitment processes is to ensure fast evaluation and registration of a big pool of candidates using the standard processes.

    Direct Search Group offers services for positions in sales teams and customer services of its clients.

      With its expert consultants, DSG Human Resources will provide your company with tailored project activities, mass recruitment processes for people with similar qualifications, and the employees with desired competencies with a complete understanding of service so that you can access the right labor force in a short time as a result of professional evaluation.

        Specialist consultants of Direct Search Group complete the mass recruitment processes in a short time through a professional evaluation in their projects prepared for the companies. The employees with desired competencies are brought to the company with a complete understanding of service so that the company can access the right labor force.

          You can get support from Direct Search Group for all or part of the mass recruitment process.

          The stages in the process are:

          • Preparing necessary ads and publishing them on relevant websites
          • Processing received applications and data,
          • Conducting online interviews
          • Organizing mass interviews of proper candidates after preliminary interviews,
          • Completing one-on-one interviews,
          • Preparing interview assessment reports and sharing the shortlist
          • Checking references
          • Collecting necessary documents for hiring process and sending them to the client, and
          • Presenting periodical reports on the process.