Nowadays, payrolling work is outsourced to expert companies. Thus, human resources departments can better focus on organization and planning activities, which are their primary tasks. Companies thus eliminate the costs for creating hardware and system, and avoid the risks that may arise during calculations.

  • Preparing a personnel budget,
  • Preparing comparative detailed reports with personnel payments,
  • Calculating and printing payrolls,
  • Preparing and submitting Social Security Institution statements,
  • Preparing Employment Agency documents,
  • Completing termination processes, calculating indemnities,
  • Creating severance pay tables,
  • will not be a burden on the company any more.

Payrolling service allows the human resources departments of companies to eliminate the need to hire staff to handle these tasks and ensures significant savings on time and costs in management decision-making processes.With payrolling services, consultancy may be offered on personnel budget, salary hike system and preparation of charts, reporting, establishing and monitoring personnel continuity system.

Steps in payrolling

  • • Completing Information Entry and Files of Existing Staff,
  • Procedures Related to Newly Recruited Staff,
  • Procedures of the Staff During Employment Period,
  • Termination Procedures of the Staff,
  • Salary Payment Procedures,
  • Monthly Periodical Procedures,
  • Annual Personnel Budget Works,
  • Consultancy on Legislation,