Selection and appoinment

Direct Search Group works with a team that will offer solutions to needs for human resources at any level, thanks to its expertise in information, e-commerce, finance, insurance and all other industries.

    By leveraging the expertise of Direct Search Group Human Resources in selecting and appointing staff for your vacant positions, you can save time and expenses, and grasp the opportunity for long-term collaboration with the correctly selected labor.


        Direct Search Group guarantees fast access to the right candidates with its vast, comprehensive and up-to-date database and its strong network.

          As one of the most prestigious private recruitment company in selection and appointment, it provides tailored, value added solutions for its distinguished clients with its expert team of consultants with the know-how, and offers you services particularly for medium and high level positions.

            It offers solutions in selection and appointment processes to ensure clients use their time effectively and access the best labor force for their needs.

              One of the priorities of Direct Search Group is to ensure that its clients have a long-term and lasting relationship with their hired staff. Thus, it makes the best match with the corporate culture of its clients during the recruitment process, and ensures that employees start a long-lasting journey with the company.