About Us

Direct Search Group

Increasing the number of qualified people is the key to improve the efficiency of an organization. The quality of employees starts with choosing the right person for the right job.

Direct Search Group is a İŞKUR-certified private recruitment office which was founded in 2006 to offer fast and reliable solutions to business partners in selecting the competences for the positions and appointing them to these jobs.

Direct Search Group has a very robust database of candidates thanks to its history in recruitment consultancy.

It offers quality and fast solutions in recruitment projects with its database of rich and qualified candidates for IT and online industries, particularly in recruiting medium and senior managers.

Direct Search Group accurately analyzes the candidate-client profile, and rapidly submits the report of the best candidates for the client’s needs.

Consultants at Direct Search Group produce tailored solutions for the companies which they professionally support as a solution partner, using the best methods to ensure they can implement their quality and successful projects.

Direct Search Group is the first and only consultancy company which recruits for the Online Game industry.

Our Project Management team consists of recruitment consultants who have management experience in their areas and in the industry, who have experience in the industry and positions, and who have a network other than the supply chains.

Direct Search Group won the “Human Resources Consultancy Company Creating the Highest Employment”in 2014 and 2015.

We know very well why you need a consultancy company instead of covering the required positions with the existing methods or with the help of your own HR Department.

For us, you are not just another company we offer services; you are SPECIAL.

  • » With our service quality,
  • » With our knowledge and experience
  • » With our economic solutions,
  • » With our speed,
  • » With our process quality,
  • » With our solutions to address your needs,

We aim to offer you the comfort in Human Resources.

Our Vision

To become the well-known human resources consultancy company in the industry by leading creation of guiding standards for the market and specific for the required positions for our business partners, and offering correct, professional, fast solutions at global standards to existing and prospective clients and candidates to offer them competitive advantage.

Our Mission

To ensure that the human resources are used at the right place, with the right value and at the highest efficiency, as the leading human resources and consultancy company that is best preferred in its area for the positions required by our business partners.